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No one knows a PDF Editor better than PDFBat's! You will find it has never been so easy to edit PDF files! PDFBat PDF Editor uses a set of intelligent algorithms to re-create the structure of the document, which enables you to edit a PDF file just like in a Word processor.

With the help of PDFBat PDF Editor, you can edit PDF text, reflow and re-justify text, change fonts, colors and size, resize, reposition and change images as you can in a professional publishing application. Or you can edit PDF properties and securities if you like. What's more, this PDF editor also allows you flexibly export PDF to TXT, HTML, RTF, and JPEG.

  • Edit PDF Text.
  • Edit images and pages.
  • Make seamless changes to paragraphs.
  • Familiar tab, margin and indent controls.
  • Search & replace text in long documents.
  • Set password or other restrictions for PDF files.
  • Copy and paste graphics, text and artwork between PDF files.

Features of PDFBat PDF Editor

Create, Export, Merge and Customize

  • Create new page PDF
  • Create a new page and save as PDF after edit or save each section in the existing PDF as a new PDF.

  • Export Adobe PDF to other formats
  • Export Adobe PDF to TXT, HTML, RTF, JPG if necessary.

  • Merge multiple files into one PDF
  • Easily combine multiple files of varying formats - including Microsoft Word, Excel, or HTML - into a single PDF which can be sent out for shared review. You can also create PDF Portfolios to present your information in professionally designed layouts for maximum impact.

  • Customize properties for the output PDF file
  • PDF Editor allows you to customize the Properties like title subject, author and keywords for the re-built PDF file.

  • Customize security for the output PDF file
  • Help you secure the new PDF file by setting open password and user password to protect it from opening, printing, editing, etc.

PDF Text Editing

  • Adjust formatting
  • You can also adjust formatting like font face, size, color and character spacing.

  • Edit text to fit paragraph layout
  • It allows you to edit, cut, copy, and paste PDF text between PDF files. Replace blocks of text, adjust alignment, and line heights, all while text wraps to fit the existing paragraph layout.

  • Add headers, footers, numbering
  • Apply the same text, numbering and dynamic text (like date and author) across pages.

  • Apply bates numbering
  • When unique page labeling and identification is required across pages, apply it across to one or more files.

Powerful Image and Page Editing

  • Insert, delete and replace images
  • Switch out and remove images directly from pages. Edit image properties, including resolution, brightness, contrast and watermarks.

  • Refine position and size
  • Make last minute adjustments directly on images with resize, crop and alignment tools.

  • Extract one or all images
  • Easily extract an image or all images for fast re-use.

  • Multi-page insertion
  • Insert logos, watermarks, and other graphical elements across multiple pages.

  • Intuitive page editing
  • Insert, delete, extract, and replace pages. Crop, rotate and re-order them.

Easy and Convenient Operation

  • Make PDF files more user-friendly
  • Customize how a PDF file will act when it's opened by setting the magnification level, page view mode, and more.

  • Optimize PDF files
  • Shrink images and remove hidden and unwanted objects from files before publishing them.

  • No need for Adobe Reader or Acrobat
  • This PDF software is standalone, so working without Adobe Reader or Acrobat is possible.

  • Searchable PDF file
  • Search the PDF files by simply typing the text or phrase in the pop-up window that opens up on clicking this button.

  • Streamlined navigation creation
  • Use industry-leading tools to automatically turn headings into bookmarks, and turn page numbers, indexes, and table of contents into active links.

  • Permanently remove sensitive information
  • Remove sensitive/confidential content from PDF files before sharing.

  • Electronic forms
  • Design your own simple or complex electronic forms for gathering data.

  • View PDF files
  • The multiple tab browsing feature enables you to open multiple files. If you already have a PDF file open and then double-click another PDF file, it will be opened in the same window.

System Requirements

  • OS: Windows XP/2000/98/Me/NT, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
  • RAM: 256MB RAM (512MB or above recommended)
  • Free Hard Disk: 100MB space for installation

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