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PDFBat PDF Converter Pro, a professional and powerful PDF conversion software, is able to convert PDF to Word (.doc, .docx, .rtf), text, Excel, PowerPoint, EPUB, HTML and image documents with high quality in Windows 8/7/XP/Vista/2003 platforms. If you need to convert scanned PDF to text-based formats, this PDF converter will lead you step-by-step through the conversion process.

Moreover, it allows you to extract images and choose the output format. Enhanced functionality offers latest Drag and Drop feature for easy conversion. It also provides you with the advanced options to efficiently customize the output Excel spreadsheets, EPUB files, HTML and image formats.

  • Convert PDF to Word.
  • Convert PDF to Excel.
  • Convert PDF to image (such as PDF to JPG/JPEG, PDF to TIF/TIFF, and PDF to PNG conversion).
  • Convert PDF to PowerPoint.
  • Convert PDF to EPUB.
  • Convert PDF to HTML.
  • Convert PDF to text.
  • Preserve all the text, tables, images, graphic, hyperlinks, layouts and formatting.
  • Flexible output options to customize output files.
  • Flexible output options to customize output files.
  • Convert encrypted PDF files.
  • Two efficient conversion modes - batch conversion and partial conversion.

Features of PDFBat PDF Converter Pro

Working Ability for PDF Conversion

  • Convert PDF to seven formats
  • Instantly convert PDF files to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, EPUB, HTML, Text and Image with high quality. And the converted text can be reused in daily life.

  • Compatibility with PDF 1.7
  • The working ability with PDF 1.7 version is quite impressive.

  • The OCR function recognizes the text from scanned PDF
  • The optical character recognition (OCR function) helps you convert your scanned PDF documents to editable word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, rich text format and EPUB. Support exporting 5 languages: English, German, French, Italian and Spanish.

  • Support encrypted PDF files conversion
  • Directly convert PDF files which have copying and printing restrictions, without knowing the password. If the PDF files are protected with open passwords, you should type in the authorized passwords first.

  • Batch conversion
  • Convert unlimited PDF files to multiple documents at one time.

  • Partial conversion
  • You can convert part of PDF pages by entering page ranges or page numbers separated by commas (eg. 1, 3, 5-13).

Layout Settings for Word

  • "Flowing (Recommended)" option
  • This default option will retain background graphics and textual layout in the output Word–the best option for viewing and editing.

  • "Exact (Page layout)" option
  • Select "Exact (Page layout)" option to organize text within boxes on paragraph basis. This output placement for this setting is more exact than the Word Processing option and well suited for repositioning text and images, however, it is not ideally suited for content extraction.

  • "Exact (By line)" option
  • Select "Exact (By line)" option to organize text on a line by line basis maintaining much of the specific formatting. This setting is useful for light grammatical revisions where layout is important and edits are not likely to require multi-line changes.

  • No images (Formatted text only)
  • Retains textual layout and remove all images that are not inline.

  • Plain Text (Unformatted)
  • Extract all text from your PDF files into an easily editable plain text file.

Settings for the Output Images

  • Multiple output formats to choose from
  • Convert PDF to most images like JPEG/JPG, TIFF/TIF, PNG, BMP, GIF, PCX, TGA, etc.

  • Output mode
  • You can select to output each page of PDF files as an image (default option); or select to extract all images in the PDF files, and each PDF will generate one folder including all the images from the source file.

  • Set image color and DPI resolution
  • PDFBat PDF to Image Converter allows users to set image color as True Color, Black/White or Grayscale, and set DPI resolution according to their wishes.

  • Set TIFF compression
  • Support output format TIFF/TIF, and the resolution is determined automatically. The choices for TIFF compression are also supported, including None, CCITT Group 3, CCITT Group 4, LZW, Deflate, JPEG, and Adobe Deflate.

  • Set image size for output
  • You can custom your own image size for the output. If you specify the width, the height will be automatically calculated. If you specify the height, the width will be automatically calculated. It's very easy for you!

Two Output Options for Excel

  • Each page into a single Excel sheet
  • This default option lets you convert each page of a PDF file into a single Excel spreadsheet freely.

  • Combine all pages into a single Excel sheet
  • This option allows you to convert all pages of a PDF file into a single Excel spreadsheet. One PDF file can only be converted to an Excel file.

Customizations for the Output EPUB

  • Text and images to EPUB
  • The text and images to EPUB is the default option, you can also choose whether to ignore hyperlinks in the output eBooks.

  • Each page as an image to EPUB
  • By saving pages as images to EPUB eBooks, you can perfectly preserve the complicated layouts and formatting, but you cannot customize the font on your eBook Readers if you choose this option.

HTML Options

  • Two output options
  • All pages in one HTML file: Combine all pages of a PDF file into one HTML file. Each page in a separate HTML file: Convert each page of your PDF file to one HTML file. If your PDF file has 15 pages, you will have 15 HTML files in your output folder.

  • Export hyperlinks in the PDF files
  • This option lets you convert all active links in PDF files to active hyperlinks in the HTML file.

  • Include images
  • This default option is to contain images in the output HTML. If unchecked, it will remove all images and graphics from the output HTML.

  • Include Lines and Vectors
  • Select to convert Lines and vector graphics to images.

Text Options

  • Choices for Encoding
  • Provide the choices for encoding, and you can select "Use mapping table default", "UTF-8", "UTF-16", "UCS-4", "ISO-Latin-1" or "HTML/ASCII" according to your requirements.

  • Generate separator lines
  • This option will generate separator lines to content for text documents. You can also uncheck it to deny the default option.


  • NO Microsoft Word or Acrobat Reader needed
  • PDFBat PDF Converter Pro is a stand-alone application which does not depend upon Microsoft Word, Acrobat Reader or any other program for installation.

  • Auto rotate pages based on text orientation
  • This is default option, and the pages in the exported document will be rotated to match the orientation of the majority of the text in the PDF.

  • Auto-open after conversion
  • The output folder will be automatically open after the conversion is completed.

  • Technical support
  • Get 24 hours email support for any technical troubles.

System Requirements

  • OS: Windows XP/2000/98/Me/NT, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
  • RAM: 256MB RAM (512MB or above recommended)
  • Free Hard Disk: 100MB space for installation

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